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We scour the best of publications that cover the markets & economy, the world of business & finance, asset & wealth management, monetary & fiscal policy, Europe & Asia, the news & politics, science & technology … and throw in a bit of arts & entertainment, just to keep it light. Here’s what we found particularly compelling in the last 24 hours:

CNBC hits 20-year ratings low (NY Post)

Facebook aims for piece of big TV ad budgets (LA Times)

Summers the “overwhelming favorite” (Klein/Bloomberg)

David Cameron asked permission to strike Syria. Why won’t Obama? (WonkBlog)

Acampora’s case for a 19% pullback in the Dow (MoneyBeat/WSJ)

Succinct Summation of Week’s Events (The Big Picture)

Shilling: I’m Tilting Towards These 7 Risk-Off Trades (BI)

Pimco: 3 reasons bond investors should chill (CNBC)

Lipper: Investors flock to money market funds in volatile week (Alpha Now)

In Syria, try banks before bombs (Efron/Reuters)

Why don’t Americans ride trains? (The Economist)

22% of highest paid CEOs led companies that received taxpayer assistance (Fiscal Times)

Bill Ackman’s Admirable Antics (Cohan/Bloomberg)

Why Big, Intense Wildfires Are the New Normal (National Geographic)

Aerial images of Burning Man: a temporary city of 68,000 in the desert (BI)

So, What’s It Going To Be? (Bashar Al-Assad/The Onion) 

The charts below are courtesy of Quartz, Preqin Hedge Fund Analyst, Gallup (ht SoberLook) and Ed Yardeni.




hedge fund perf ht Q; Preqin Hedge Fund Analyst


Gallup economic conditions index ht Sober


yardeni crude v s&p (1)

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