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We scour the best of publications that cover the markets & economy, the world of business & finance, asset & wealth management, monetary & fiscal policy, Europe & Asia, the news & politics, science & technology … and throw in a bit of arts & entertainment, just to keep it light. Here’s what we found particularly compelling in the last 24 hours:

If all else fails, Obama will raise debt ceiling himself –Valliere (MarketWatch)

The Myth of Steve Jobs’ Constant Breakthroughs (Time)

Chinese Real Estate Defies the Curbs (macro business)

Occupy QE (Stephen Roach/Project Syndicate)

Inter-dealer brokers’ inside information on LIBOR (Salmon/Reuters)

Will Twitters IPO Mark The Top of a Bubble? (Hulbert/MarketWatch)

Why France Shrugs at NSA Eavesdropping Revelations (Bloomberg)

How do you invest around Obamacare? (The Big Picture)

Government Support Increasingly Boosts Incomes (Yardeni)

McCain the Maverick Takes on Cruz the Firebrand (Fiscal Times)

The charts below are courtesy of Barclays (ht BlackRock), S&P Capital IQ (ht SoberLook) and The Economist. For only the third time since 1980, the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index has posted an annual loss, as “interest rate-sensitive strategies that are reliant on falling interest rates have been punished since May.” Here’s an illustration capturing just how rare this current retreat is, courtesy of BlackRock.


Barclays (1) U.S. Aggregate Bond Index !!! see Cullen R


LBO leverage creeping back up SL


econ - loss making cars in eur

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