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The accident which happened in Sochi Olympic Park circuit or now called Sochi International Street Circuit shorted to Sochi makes one of F1 team future become uncertain. The accident happened in the F1 newest venue which designed to have long about 5.872km track by Hermann Tilke. This track is the longest track for F1 that really though to beat thatís why people who race need to use the right tire. Maybe because the track is too long and tough that causes the accident in the Sochi.
One of the team which also influenced by the accident is Red bulls, a famous team which has full name infiniti Red bull Racing. This team has main base in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom which lead by Christian Horner as the team chief. The technical chief is Adrian Newey; the team ever gets 4 trophies for world Championship. This team first enters the tournament in 1997 and still become the contestant until today. Red Bull actually become loyal sponsor become they formally join the competition in November 2004. The first team success was served by David Coulthard in 2006 when he get the first place in the podium but the team become really famous in 2009.
After the accident Red Bull have sudden conversation with Bernie Ecclestone as F1 supremo about the future team uncertainty. The team thinks that the most practical thing is they should renewal the contract with Renault in 2016. It is because Ferrari declined the request of Red Bull to become supplier for the engine and instead Ferrari joint with Mercedes. However, because of bad performance which shows by the engine of their partner make Red Bull hesitate and planned to cancel the partnership with Renault in two months ago. Now, Red bull still confuses to find the partner which can supply the engine for the F1 car. This problem makes them to think about walk out from the sport competition except they can find the one which can supply fine engine for 2016.
According to Craig Slater which reported for Sky Sports News HQ, the Red Bull situation is in the real crisis. The team still hopes to make a deal with Ferrari and even has second talk with Renault, if this fail the team will possibly out from the competition. Other engine supplier already turns down the Red Bull proposal since they canít supply the engine in 2016 because they use the engine to enter the competition also and most of them that supply for the other competitor will hold their way to get victory. The team still wishes that they can join the competition again and get the six win that they claimed before. Horner said that if by any chance Dietrich Mateschitz who own of Red Bull also Toro Rosso left the competition then he will do a management to take over Milton Keynes possession. However, there are still many people who believe that Red Bull can back to the competition and stay in F1 while other think that the team will walk away from competition.
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Sad news comes from the racer who comes from Spain F1 Charlos Sainz Jr or people known more as Carlos Sainz when he do third practice in Russian Grand Prix. He get serious accident during the third practice but fortunately he didnít get serious injury and conscious when he driven to the hospital to treat his wound after the crash. His condition which is not really serious makes F1 could breathe in relief since the driver escape from his crash with only small injury. However, because of the accident the practice becomes interrupted just like the session before make the qualification becomes truncated.
The fear of F1 team is pretty easy to understand since the crash is really bad until the driver look like buried under the crashed car that makes the team really worry about his condition. The witness who observe the track said that the Toro Rosso driverís had lost control in the fastest area of Sochi Autodrom but after the medical personnel and other people who help the driver after the accident removed him from the car. They found out that he was conscious which makes him can answer the question and he has no serious injury.

The 21 years old driver shows the mark of appreciation by giving thumbs up to the people who help him before he driven to the hospital. The F1 team then goes to another issue about how to manage the qualification and the race with only few data of the representative who join the race. This is not the first time that the race practice become postponed because of a few reasons like the problem with diesel spilled and heavy rain that limited the practice. The team wished to overcome the problem and pay the time which is lost before.
The crash really shocked many people since the cars were just start queuing in the end of pit lane as the session start and every drivers concentrate on their runs. The two drivers were just start to compete each other in the first opening minutes. Actually, the practice was not stressed the tires at all besides every drivers were just start to enter their qualifying simulation when suddenly the accident of Toro Rosso drivers happened. Even though there is an accident the qualification still running with the racer that left and some of the drivers get good time in the qualification.
Some driver give opinion to Carlos Sainz accident such as Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari, he said that he was really shock since Sainz covered deep in the barriers. Jenson Button as McLaren driver said that the barriers not do the job as it should be since the barrier will make people become slow before they hit something. Christian Horner as the Red Bull team principal even said that the accident really horrible and can cause claustrophobic. Sainzís team canít explain why the crash happened but they think it was because the lost control of the driver and the altered brake balance that makes the car become uncontrolled.
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Manchester United keeper who is from Spain, Victor Valdes informed that will no longer play for Manchester United again. Victor Valdes himself has said about his left that will be happened in the next January 2016. It comes with the reason that Valdes has no good experience in Manchester United. He refuses to play in the under 21 team club. This ex Barcelona keeper is being isolated and excludes the main squad of Manchester United. He also has not got the back number while he separately trained. There is no hesitation about his left because for a professional player, this is a bad option to stay in Manchester United like this way. We also provide

Valdes club teammate, Juan Mata expresses his concerned about him. Mata said that he still believes that Valdes has a great ability and skill to play with the Red Devil if he got the second chance. It seems like Valdes has been closed for Manchester United. Through his agent, Gines Carvajal, Valdes said that he wanted to go to the other clubs which has a right place for him in the next transfer in Januari. His agent said that Victor Valdes needs to go to the place where he feels the right place for him. He will not to go the Spain, except he made a decision like that.

The agent also said that he is clearly needed to go in the next Januari and he will try to assure that Valdes is happy and comfort with this transfer. It is informed that Victor Valdes has his chances to go to Spain and play for Valencia in the last summer. However, Valdes refused that Valencia offering. He had a chance to strength Valencia but he didnít get that message from Valencia in a right way. This is all about Valdes choice.

Valdes has no good time in Manchester United so he wants to go to the other clubs that can make him as comfort as possible. Without being the main squad, it seems being the right cause that makes Valdes wants to leave Manchester United. Louis Van Gall, the manager, rather to play David De Gea or Sergio Romero which makes Valdes even never play in Barclays Premiere League matches until now. Speaking about his skill and ability, Valdes is suited to be the main squad for Manchester United. But it is all about the manager ways where Van Gall has it.

Valdes now is 33 years old and has been chosen to join the Reds Devils since 2014 Ė 2015 seasons. This 2010 and 2011 the best keeper for La Liga ever been played in only two matches in the previous season. Before, he played as a main keeper for Barcelona which brought Messi and friends got the best result for the La Liga competition. It seems like Manchester United will loss a good keeper for the future. Valdes actually can be a right option to make Manchester United being the winner of Barclays Premiere League. Now, United is at third position under Manchester City and Arsenal.
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This is being a question for Real Madrid that informed to want the Arsenal player, Sanchez. It is because Real Madrid has been collected many forward players. So, the question is about what is Sanchez for? This information makes Arsenal to move faster in order to precede the contract for the best striker Arsenal has. It is because now, Real Madrid is in a mood for welcoming Sanchez to Bernabue for the next 2016 winter season transfer. Madrid has listed the players who will be offered to join Los Blancos and Alexis Sanchez is being listed on the list.

The manager, Rafael Benitez is rumored in a need for more players in the forward line up. The manager needs more players who can be the substitution for Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. It means that the second strikers that Real Madrid has still donít have a good performance just like CR7 and Gareth Bale done. Sanchez figure is the best candidate for Benitezís needs which is quoted in Don Balon. The way of Sanchez play the ball is quick and desirable. This is enough in closing the absent of two best players of Madrid who are Ronaldo and Bale. Sanchez can be the best option to substitutes Cristiano Ronaldo or Christian Bale while they are in an absent condition.

This ex Napoli manager hopes that Madrid can get Alexis Sanchez for the next Januari 2016. However, if it failure, he will try to get Sanchez in the next summer 2016. Perceive Benitez need, Madrid has already prepare about the offering proposal. It is known that Madrid offers this player who comes from Chile with a huge number of money that is 50million euro. This will be huge money to be considered by Arsenal in order to keep or let Sanchez. Arsenal has two options that are making the renewal contract for Sanchez or let Sanchez go to Bernabue.

It is not only about huge number of money that Real Madrid offers to Arsenal. Real Madrid is also offering Arsenal with a player inside the transfer offering. It is about Denis Cheryshey who will be offered by Real Madrid in order to get Arsenal to let Alexis Sanchez to go to Santiago Bernabue. It seems a right choice from Real Madrid to get this most expensive player in Emirates Stadium.

However, it is different with Benitez hopes that Arsenal has tried to start the renewal contract with Alexis Sanchez in staying longer in Emirates Stadium. This ex Barcelona player succeeds to be the most expensive player that Arsenal has today. About Real Madrid effort for having Alexis Sanchez, Real Madrid seems need to have more struggle to get their forward line up back up. More, Benitez seems like to have more calm to get Sanchez from Arsenal. Meanwhile, Arsenal seems like to keep Sanchez in keeping their good performance in Premiere Barclays League this season. Real Madrid needs to wait the perfect time for Sanchez or even seeing the other candidates.
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Juventus, the last year Capolista in Serie A, seems like to have a big desire to go to Giuseppe Meazza. After winning two matches before in Champion league and Serie A, the Old Lady shows its big desire to get full point from Intermilan in the next fixture. In order to run to the top of the table, Juventus will go to Giuseppe Meazza in being the 8th fixture in Serie A next 18 Oct 2015. This match will be the best chance for closing the rivals in the table. Having a nice performance before, it seems like Juventus is on fire now and Intermilan must show their best to get it through.
Started the league without a pretty good performance; now, Bianconerri is getting the 12th position on the table. Collecting 8 points from 7 matches this is a bad performance for a club like Juventus. It makes Juventus needs 10 points to pass Fiorentina as the leader for the Serie A now. The Rival, Intermilan has collected 8 points more than Juventus. Getting three points from Intermilan will be a good result for Juventus while the Old Lady is being underneath like today. However, Chelini and friends must keep their playing in the best performance because next match will be not in Juventus Stadium.
This is being a duty to win the match for Massimiliano Allegri Squad. They need to have the winning condition in order to make it thin to get the top position. At least, Juventus must keep the match in draw result in order to prevent the gap between Juventus and Intermilan doesnít get too much. Juventus defense player, Andrea Barzagli said that if they had a little hope, they clearly need to go out from the match with an undefeated status. This is just the beginning where this is still to early to get the all season result.
Still, words from Andrea Barzaglito Sky that quoted by Football Italia, he also said that even it is happening, 8 points is a huge points in order to Intermilan and if Intermilan can pass through the match with a winning result, this will be a huge problem for Juventus. He said that Intermilan started this season with a tough performance, so Intermilan will be a difficult team to be defeated and Juventus and the squad need to have a maximum effort to win Intermilan.

Seeing back to the previous matches, Juventus has a nice result where the Bianconeri won the matches with Sevilla with score 2 Ė 0 and also Bologna with 3 Ė 1. However, the senior defense player, Barzagli feels that those results is nothing because his team still can do better than that. There are also many things that must be fixed for the team Juventus in order to get the best result in this week versus Intermilan. He said that Juventus still can develop the way the squad plays the ball. It seems like the match will be a pretty good match to be watched while Juventus needs to play better in order to keep away the deficit goals that Juventus had.
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Even Inter is being the rival for Juventus, this club seems like wanting to learn from the Old Lady about seeing a pretty good player for the future. Known that Inter will do the similar way like Juventus done before with inviting the young bomber, Jese Rodriguez is being the next target that Inter want to join into the squad. Jese Rodriguez is a young football player who is playing for Real Madrid now. It is just similar with Juventus when the Bianconeri brought Alvaro Morata from Madrid to the Juventus Stadium. Morata has a great record with Juventus now. It seems like Inter wants to have its rivalís way to get more success for the future.
Jese indeed, he is being watched by Inter. Especially for this 2016 transfer season, Jese has been listed on the Intermilan transfer lists. However, La Beneamata seems like have a difficult way to have a negotiation with Real Madrid. Los Blancos looked like with hesitation in order to let Jese go to the other clubs. Real Madrid is afraid about their mistake when Los Blancos let Alvaro Morata to Juventus. Madrid is afraid that this will be repeated. And this could be the second mistake if it is happening again in Intermilan.
Speaking about Madrid mistake, in summer 2014, that time, Madrid sell Alvaro Morata to the Old Lady. The way to sell Morata is using clause buy back in 2016 or 2017. The clause can be an active if the player, Morata has a pretty good statistic. The fact shows the result where Morata played like a star in Turin. It means that Juventus has a right to buy Morata from Madrid without any difficulties that now Inter faces. It is being the Madrid mistake to let Morata went to Juventus when Morata shows about his development in Turin.

Seeing this way is very successful for the club development, Intermilan as the rival of Juventus will get through the similar way that Juventus used before to get Morata. Has been informed by the local sport media, Intermilan give its guarantee to Madrid to keep playing Jese in Milan. That policy is being applied in order to get this 22 years old player developed more. If this was succeed, so Inter will let Madrid to buy back Jese to Madrid again. It is used by Intermilan in order to get more about good player for having a nice ending season. Now, Intermilan is at 2nd position in Serie A. Intermilan needs 2 more point to be the leader of the table that now is handled by Fiorentina.
Has a rival story with Juventus, Inter has an important match for the next fixture. Facing Juventus, this will be crucial for Inter while Juventus wants to get more point to jump from the low rank. Meanwhile, Intermilan has an ambition to slip away Fiorentina from being the leader of the table. Next fixture will be the big match for Serie A where the black and white versus blue and black stripes.