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We scour the best of publications that cover the markets & economy, the world of business & finance, asset & wealth management, monetary & fiscal policy, Europe & Asia, the news & politics, science & technology … and throw in a bit of arts & entertainment, just to keep it light. Here’s what we found particularly compelling in the last 24 hours:

Earnings and Yearnings (

How banks could get blown away by bond bubble (Term Sheet/Fortune)

Fewer Young Adults in U.S. Lack Health Insurance in 2012 (Gallup)

Stocks Better Investment Than Homes: Prof. Shiller (CNBC)

Apple’s Cash Return Options: Pay Tax Man Or Raise Debt (Forbes)

The U.S. must embrace a growth agenda (Summers/Reuters)

Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden isn’t really “screwed” (Quartz)

High Net Worth Households in USA (The Big Picture)

Benedict XVI & Leadership Issue No One Wants to Talk About (Harvard Business Review)

“Side Effects” and Steven Soderbergh’s Storybook Ending (New Yorker)


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