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We scour the best of publications that cover the markets & economy, the world of business & finance, asset & wealth management, monetary & fiscal policy, Europe & Asia, the news & politics, science & technology … and throw in a bit of arts & entertainment, just to keep it light. Here’s what we found particularly compelling in the last 24 hours:

How robots are eating the last of America’s—and the world’s—traditional manufacturing jobs (Quartz)

Currency Wars Will Only Get Worse (Comstock Partners)

Strategies: Jumping Aboard the Train, as if There Won’t Be Another (Sommer/NYT)

S.E.C., Suspecting Insider Trading, Freezes Account Over Heinz Merger (DealBook)

Obama Ready to Propose $1.5 Trillion Plan: McDonough (Bloomberg)

$1.1 Trillion Infrastructure Investment (The Big Picture)

The Milton Friedman Centenary: One Hundred Years of Surprisingly Little Solitude (AdvisorPerspectives)

Microsoft Pushes Hard To Convert Users to Subscriptions With Office 2013 (MaximumPC)

Map of the day: Apple Inc.’s Asian supply chain (Fortune)

Third Point Is Latest Fund to Shed Its Apple Shares (All Things D)


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