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We scour the best of publications that cover the markets & economy, the world of business & finance, asset & wealth management, monetary & fiscal policy, Europe & Asia, the news & politics, science & technology … and throw in a bit of arts & entertainment, just to keep it light. Here’s what we found particularly compelling in the last 24 hours:

Druckenmiller Sees Storm Worse Than 2008 as Retirees Steal (Bloomberg)

Bill Gross’ Latest Investment Outlook: Rational Temperance (market folly)

Interview: Should your doctor be a robot? (Washington Post)

Apple v. Samsung: Judge orders new trial, cuts damages by $450M (CNET)

Ackman’s Ill-Fated Bike Ride: “His Mind Wrote a Check That His Body Couldn’t Cash” (Vanity Fair)

Wall Street’s Brightest Minds Reveal Charts That Worry Them (Business Insider)

Succinct Summation of Week’s Events (The Big Picture)

Wall Street Beat: Uncertainty Dampens Tech M&A, PwC Says (CIO)

El-Erian: 6 reasons why the sequester hurts (CNN Money)

Study: High-Skilled Immigrants Are Neither Better Nor Brighter Than U.S. Workers (TechCrunch)

Why Car Companies Should Be Extremely Nervous About Millennials (Atlantic)

Another Ho-hum Month for Greenlight Capital (Institutional Investor)

Another look at Ricardian equivalence: The case of the European Union (Vox)

Postscript: C. Everett Koop, 1916-2013 (New Yorker)

The 10 Colleges Most Likely to Make You a Billionaire (Atlantic)


sequester_map Job Losses by State WonkBlog !!!!!


wall street bonus as multiple of private sector pay !!!!!!!!

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