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Next stop New York: wealthy Russians hurry money from Cyprus to US (Guardian)

Bitcoin prices surge post-Cyprus bailout (CNN Money)

Eurozone Crisis Timeline (The Big Picture)

Cyprus controls an “omnishambles” (Reuters)

Verizon FiOS Is The Best Cable Bundle, Says Consumer Reports (Gizmodo)

What Samsung really needs to beat Apple (Fortune)

The capital controls in Cyprus and the Icelandic experience (Vox)

D.C. Metro Area Again Leads U.S. in Economic Confidence (Gallup)

Why does Easter move around so much? (Economist)


In the daily charts, courtesy of the Washington Post’s WonkBlog. Ezra Klein makes the following point: A lot of the overlapping contributors to ending up on disability seem to come down to what we might call “unemployability.” There’s a lot of age discrimination against unemployed workers over 50. There are areas of the country with few jobs. There are people with few skills. There’s actual disability, which makes people hard to employ. And it sounds like what’s going on is that the higher someone gets on the metric of unemployability, the more likely they are to end up on disability.

familes on welfare, people on disability WONK !!!!



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