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As our name Fusion Analytics Investment Partners LLC suggests we look to fuse the two widely followed investment disciplines of fundamental and technical analysis into a more cohesive money management solution.


Our investment methodology is simple; leverage technology, key financial data points and advanced mathematics to create proprietary, pro active investment solutions that remove emotion and allow for more informed decision making.

Fusion Analytics Investment Partners LLC, through our Personalized Wealth Plan, offers a world-class suite of investment and financial planning products to our customers. Our products and services cover virtually every gamut of the investment arena, from asset management, financial planning, insurance to alternative investments thus providing our clients a one stop shop for all their financial needs.

Through our proprietary Total Wealth Plan, Fusion Analytics creates for clients an unbiased/unemotional and disciplined approach to wealth management and portfolio construction. Using our Risk Profiler and in depth one on one consultations, Fusion is able to craft an investment strategy tailor made to each and every client’s unique needs and circumstances.

Investment Solutions Offered:

  • Asset Management
  • Absolute Return Strategies
  • Long/Short Managed Accounts
  • ETF Portfolios
  • Fixed Income Portfolios
  • Alternative Investments
  • Private Equity
  • Tax and Estate Planning
  • Insurance Services